December 2019  
This Week's Events


Girl Scouts Christmas around the World
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
will meet in the Fellowship Hall
Christmas Community Activity
6:30 PM
Your church council decided this year to add to the outdoor decorations for Christmas in our community with new Advent banners for our Gay St. sanctuary entrance.  Also to be a part of our larger community, we would like to encourage you all to come out on Saturday, December 7th to participate in the City of Lancaster’s Tree Lighting program.  Our very own Hunter Cox has agreed to add his talents for a pre-concert open house at 6:30 p.m. before the City’s program starts at 7:00 p.m.  We will also have an opportunity to introduce to the community an Advent devotional space (in our Chapel Classroom) that has been to create for us to enhance our preparations for a meaningful Christmas.  Some volunteers will be needed to greet and direct visitors. Please contact Shelly Holder, Nancy Westmoreland or Jill Marshall if you can help. This is a perfect time for us to be PRESENT and WELCOMING in our world.
Leader: Jay White

Outreach Ministries

The Outreach Council supports the following organizations this year with funds and action:

  1. UMVIM- worldwide Methodist Ministries -
  2. Salkehatchie- High School and College missions to upgrade housing for SC people in need   -
  3. Rhett Thompson Ministry  - strengthening the UMC in Panama -
  4. Red Bird Ministry –Spiritual, physical, educational and economic help in Appalachia    -
  5. Hope in Lancaster Inc.-  short term emergency assistance to Lancaster citizens
  6. Lancaster Children’s Home- safe haven for county children in need-
  7. Meals on Wheels- meals delivered to Seniors and shut-ins-
  8. Clinton Family – guidance and support for single Mom with kids at Clinton Elementary
  9. Community/Church Meal- in concert with other committees, a 3rd Monday Meal for the general Community & Congregation
  10. Habitat for Humanity- building and renovating affordable housing -

In addition, Outreach coordinates ad hoc and seasonal events such as December’s Angel Tree (gifts for needy children), Shoeboxes for Seniors (holiday gifting).

Reach out and help us helping others!     Contact Jay White

  1. Flood Bucket List
  2. Five Gallon bucket with resealable lid
  3. Buckets from fast food restaurants or bakeries can be used if washed and cleaned.  Do not use buckets that have stored chemicals such as paint or pool cleaner.  Advertisements on the outside are acceptable.
  4. Liquid Laundry Detergent (Two 25 oz. or one 50 oz. bottle only)
  5. Liquid Household Cleaner (12-16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed with water.  No spray cleaners.)
  6. Dish Soap (16-28 bottle any brand)
  7. 1 can of air freshener (Aerosol or pump)
  8. 1 can of insect repellent  (6-14 oz. aerosol or spray pump with protective cover)
  9. 1 scrub brush (Plastic or wooden handle)
  10. 18 cleaning wipes (Handy wipes or reusable wipes.  No terry cloths.  Remove from packaging)
  11. 7 sponges (Remove from wrapper)
  12. 5 scouring pads (Remove from wrapper)
  13. 50 clothespins (Remove from packaging)
  14. Clothesline (Two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.  cotton or plastic.)
  15. 24 roll heavy duty trash bags (Remove from box)
  16. 5 dust masks
  17. 2 pair of disposable waterproof gloves (Rubber or Latex.  Remove from packaging)
  18. 1 pair of working gloves (Cotton or leather)
  19. Notes:
  20. -All items must be new except for the actual bucket and lid.
  21. -All cleaning agents must be liquid and in plastic containers.  No powders, please.
  22. -If you cannot find the requested size of a liquid item, use a smaller size.  Including larger sizes of any item will prevent the lid from sealing.
  23. -UPS, FEDEX and the US Postal Service will not ship buckets containing bleach.  In such case, you may leave the bleach out of the bucket.
  24. -If all of the items on the list are not included, please put a label on the bucket indicating what has been omitted.
  25. -Cleaning buckets are only used in within the United States.  They are not to be opened to verify the contents unless there is indication some items have been omitted.
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